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Welcome to the teaching section of my website. For most of my life, both as an artist and as a teacher, I have dedicated myself to the “uncovering” and development of the “True Voice.” I am excited to share with you my passion for the human voice and information about my teaching work.

I am committed to providing those who work with me the technical tools they will need to realize their goals. Equally so I am also committed to the task of “uncovering,” unfolding and expressing the True Voice - the core, the unique, the authentic and incomparably beautiful expression of the Individual behind the voice. When this process is guided and increasingly recognized and experienced the True Voice begins to spill into, fill and inform the entirety of our creative, personal and social lives. To me this is the stuff of true artistry.
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Because I believe this kind of voice work deeply informs the whole of our lives I work with people from all walks of life, of all ages and all levels of proficiency. Whether someone is or becomes a professional singer is secondary to the work. Although many of the people I have worked with are in or have gone onto musical careers, it gives me deep sense of “mission fulfilled” to work with people -- wherever they are in their lives -- as they awaken to and/or unfold their life’s potential through voice work.

I have been teaching and doing voice work with others for 23 years. The work continues to surprise and delight me because I have witnessed time and again how singing can transform a life. My students and clients are my constant inspiration.
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