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David Pritchard composer-guitarist. His music is ethereal and compelling. He crosses the boundaries between jazz, classical, minimalism, and acoustic genres effortlessly. Take a listen…he’s great.
Singer songwriter Billy Crockett was a label mate on Dayspring Records. His writing, guitar playing and singing -- his artistry -- is an example of mastery achieved over years of dedication and love for the thing itself.
Artist teacher Marion van Namen, founded and leads the community choir SING PORTLAND!. It is becoming a moving musical force is the city of Portland. They are the shining example of what a choir can be. Their concerts are cultural events and what’s really great is that all the proceeds of their events go to support non-profit organizations. Marion believes everyone can sing. Making beauty is not reserved just for professional artists. The success of her work proves her point.
David is the head of the jazz department at the California Institute of the Arts. He is a wonderful composer and pianist. See what he is up to and take a listen to his wonderful music.
Palo, a Miami based salsa funk band and recipient of a 2014 Latin grammy, was founded by music industry whiz and musician Steve Roitstein. Their music is infectious, funny and it seems that everyone who hears them feels compelled to jump up and dance. They’re a rising star.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, Micaela Sauber is a powerful storyteller and protector of the oral tradition. She specializes in fairy tales, myths, and international stories passed down generation to generation. She also collects stories given to her by exceptional people in exceptional circumstances.  Micaela visits people in difficult situations in places like the Gaza Strip, Palestine/Westbank, Lebanon, Bosnia or in big refugee camps. As a member of “Storytellers Without Boundaries” she works to encourage people to reconnect with their traditional stories and to tell and listen to stories of love and hope. She is convinced that stories told heart to heart can heal wounds.
Kathy, with that musical heart that beats for the world moves and inspires me. She started her non-profit called Music for the World in 1996, an organization that basically helps the poor with the wonderful gift of music both in desperate areas in the United States and in third world countries. They provide musical instruments, concerts, training, tour support, etc. which has impacted numerous communities throughout the world in wonderful ways!

For the past twelve years they’ve been working in Lukongo, Kenya, a remote village nine hours west by car from the capitol of Kenya, where they started a school for aids orphans and their teachers – yes, you read that correctly. Go to her website and read more about her fascinating, much needed work. You might even want to get involved.
I met Oliver in Hamburg. He is a masterful trumpeter, composer and arranger. He also led the School of Jazz in Detmolt, Germany for many years. He studied composition and arranging in the US with Chuck Israels. trumpet with Art Farmer in Austria, and Willie Thomas in the US (then smartly married his daughter, the amazing Wendy). I love Oliver’s artistic sensibility... not to mention his sound. When he plays that horn he dances over melodies and patterns you want to hear again and again. Check out his work on YouTube and on MySpace.


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Wendy Thomas is a friend I met while living in Hamburg. We exchanged American jokes together and spoke a lot of English. She is a chef, world traveler, award winning food and lifestyle blogger, “cool cooking stuff and things for home” shop owner, a keeper of goats and chickens, and mother to one of my all time favorite students Chloe for whom her endeavors are named. To be invited to dinner at Wendy's is like entering food paradise. Check out her blog. Her recipes are great both in theory and in real time. is the website and Internet store for Wendy's shop on Orcas Island, Washington.
Their motto: “Thinking, Feeling, Baking.” Brigitte Sui Dschen Mattke’s and Hans-Paul Mattke’s wonderful organic bakery in Glueckstadt, Germany is an example of progressive green business. Their passion is to cultivate culture in the workplace: most certainly in their yeast products but also amongst the large staff of bakers. Not only do they turn out over 20,000 organic croissants per day; they also host concerts and seminars in the actual workspace on a regular basis with the intention of filling the workspace with the substance of beauty and meaning. You can watch their movie Der Croissant Film (The Croissant Movie) on YouTube. I just love these two wonderful, walk-your-talk, innovative people.
Hof Dannwisch is one of the first bio dynamic organic farms that was established in northern Germany by pioneers Dieter and Margret Scharmer. When you know the people who grow your food, and you witness them work with thought, purpose and devotion? Those veggies, that cheese, just plain taste better. I would go so far as to say it is better for you.


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Well, Rich did this website and I am very pleased with it! Rich is a singer-songwriter, teacher, copywriter, graphic artist and excellent web designer. His creative input was invaluable and being from a writing background, he brings exceptional compositional skills to layout and presentation. So glad I found him!
Blue Rock Texas Hill Country destination studio and artist ranch is owned and operated by singer songwriter, recording artist Billy Crockett and his wife Dodee Frost Crockett. They have created a creative oasis on 27 acres of land. Is it a concert venue? A creative monastery? A first rate recording facility? It’s all of that and more. The recording studio is just perfect.


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Carla McClellan, life coach, soul strategist, spiritual director, radio host and minister is a gem. You can hear her on her weekly radio show "Living the Vibrant Life" on Unity Radio and contact her for advice and strategies on how to live your best life with grace, focus, clarity and ease.
Dutch born Marion is a (good friend) music therapist, cellist, singer and teacher living and working in Portland. Her approach is both practical and deeply spiritual. She is concerned with the whole person as musical being. Her logo is "joyously express the music in your heart
This website introduces you to the art therapy studio of Caterina Martinico. She is an art therapist, creative mentor, illuminated Mandala Facilitator, and SoulCollage® Facilitator, and leads workshops in art for healing and personal growth. She also happens to be my favorite cousin. You can see her art at
Sunrise School of Miami is a quickly growing school in Palmetto Bay, FL which bases its curriculum on Waldorf pedagogy. The school offers a program rich in academics, integrated arts, and engaging specialty subjects combined in a multidisciplinary, inspired curriculum that enables students not simply to learn, but to fully experience and internalize what they learn – providing education from within.


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Unity on the Bay is one of the most open, loving and vibrant churches I have ever attended. If you're ever in Miami don't miss a service.
The Christian Community, also known as The Movement for Religious Renewal recognizes the Christian way to be a path of freedom. Fostering freedom and responsibility in the individual is seen as crucial in developing authentic Christian spirituality. An environment of free inquiry in harmony with deep devotion is cultivated.


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A german green bank whose motto is “Gifting, Loaning, and Giving.” Imagine being asked by your investment advisor, “How do you want to contribute to the well being of the world with your money?”