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Lessons begin by checking in with my client. I am interested to hear how the time between sessions has gone: how she is relating to what is being worked on, where he is experiencing breakthrough or resistance, and to discuss what we want to focus on in the present session together, both in regard to the work at hand but also to overall needs and goals.

We then review some of the exercises from the previous lesson but also add exercises which continue to uncover and unfold the voice as well as address any vocal challenges he or she may be having. This part of the lesson is recorded. If a client prefers to have the entire lesson recorded, I am happy to do that.

We move on to a piece of music or project at hand. We work on realizing the full potential of the piece: the musical, technical, and interpretative aspects. Where there are vocal challenges, it is sometimes helpful to turn difficult passages into exercises. Many singers are afraid to “let go.” To sing is to show one’s soul, one’s vulnerability. Often personal blocks which show up as musical or vocal problems are rooted here. As the client learns to increasingly recognize, nurture, and trust his or her “True Voice,” each lesson becomes an ever deepening experience of uncovering and expressing the True Voice.

At the end of the lesson, we do another check in. The client sets an intention for the time between lessons.



The first lesson is a time to get to know each other. I am interested to learn a little about the client: why he has come to me, what his motivation is to do vocal work with a teacher, as well as what his goals are. The client can decide whether she would like to sing or play something for me and tell me what her thoughts are about her singing, or we do a series of exercises first and move into a piece of music afterward. I will give the client indications on what I perceive to be the innate strengths and beauty of the voice and also point to some of the blocks I have heard or seen. We briefly work on some these observations together. At the end of the session, we evaluate our time together and determine whether we would like to work further with each other.

If more time is desired than 30 minutes the additional time will be based on an hourly rate of $100: 15 minutes: $25, 30 minutes $50.


This bundle of lessons is offered for those who want to work more infrequently or have specific needs and goals. These sessions are valid for 6 months, are non-refundable, and can be used by more than one person.
$540 - Six 1 hour lessons
$450 - Six 45 minute lessons
$330 - Six 30 minute lessons


These lessons are for those who contractually commit to weekly sessions for a minimum of three months. We have the opportunity to go more in-depth and to work on long term goals.
$80 per hour
$65 - 45 minutes
$45 - 30 minutes


It is a well known fact that people learn more quickly in groups. Each client has the benefit of observing another group member as he or she works. Many of our challenges are similar and one has the chance to sympathetically work and in turn learn to observe one’s own processes more objectively. Each client has a ready made audience as well. This can be a big help in overcoming stage fright and self-consciousness. Group lessons also benefit clients financially, in that the hourly fees may be “shared.”
$120 - 1 hour
$100 - 45 minutes
$85 - 30 minutes
$150 - 1 hour
$125 - 45 minutes
$90 - 30 minutes
$170 - 1 hour
$140 - 45 minutes
$105 - 30 minutes


In these coaching sessions we work on a wide range of themes, from group sound, balance, pitch and harmonies to rhythm, dynamics and any technical challenges which might be blocking the group’s full potential.
$195 per hour